I can really go for a hair cut, just a term tho, cut my split dead ends so I can just have health long hair *hence hence cough cough* this is your cue to cut my hair (Alex or Cynthia) only one I trust to touch my hair!!

Lmao those random nights when I go visit “frijoles guey” 😂 @staygolden91 #therenters #mybestfriendsroomies #thenewfam

Our weird friendship no one understands, #weweird #bruhhhh

#tbt #throwbackthursday #hardsummer2014 #hardfest was such a great set right before a bunch of assholes that were much taller than me decide to rudely shove me(5’1) just to get in front of me thanks but didn’t let that ruin my night just went to an other set ;)

8 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate


Often, girls wont straight up tell you right away when you do something they don’t like. Click to see some common things guys do that don’t please women.

8 Things Guys Do That Girls Hate


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Funny Stuff you like?

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if you have a pet and i’ve ever visited your house: i’m sorry



sewww earthy

My date for the day #sixflags #seasonpassholder #toohottohandle #bringafriendforfree perfect person to ask to come with me and be my plus one (:

Had to buy them right away pre-sale right before they go on sale for everyone else here’s to what started it all last year day of the dead and this year making it our annual even cheers @staygolden91 thanks for being my pic👯🍻🌃 #usawewereborntorage #dayofthedead #hardfest @hardfest thanks for starting it all our first event hard dotd 2013 second event hard summer 2014 and now our third event hard dotd 2014💕💕


It’s that time of year again our First rave event is coming again and like we said it be our annual event wooahoo can’t wait to rage with you again we had fun last year this years hard summer and I’m sure we will have fun again #harddayofthedead

I admit last year line was probably more better but there are quite a few djs I wanna see and we did say this would be our annual event #dayofthedead #hardfest can’t wait!!!! Both days(;

Sadly I’m not going this year wahhh😩😫 I take the best picture when I go to amazing places but next year I hope I get to go #cabosanlucas #mexico #traviling #familytime #everyyear #butnotthisyear #cabo2013 was the best 21st celebration I had with the best people I be ready next year

My favorite twins crazy how we went to the same pre-school middle school but only in hs and after we got closer fun times with both them<3(: some great true friends to have

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