I’m grateful to have my own pool what I need before heading to work!!!🏊 #imsooversummeralready

Look who finally upgraded woot woot @mandaa__________ member when we were sharing rooms and living together we had schedules on what we were watching and when we were watching it it kept us sane throw out middle school and the rest of high school it die out on me a few days ago but this tv live long it use to be krystles haha good times

Haha got to say this must been a sad game for giant fans lmao but got say this made my night @dodgers game too strong #goblue #dodgers #goodgame #gametoostrong

Celebrating her bday a lil late, happy birthday boobuddy💕 #likeoldtimes #est2006 #birthdayshot #bluecups #mixdrinks @hazel199210 (at The Light Box(;)

Lmfao #tbt when I did I stupid video just to win a car but didn’t turn out how I want it to be, so 2012 tho, what I find on my YouTube channel lol 😂🔫

Any recommendations? All genres welcome it doesn’t hurt to try I’m open to give it a listen. #musicismusic #musichasnoboundaries #edm #oldies #rap #hiphop #rock #rocknroll #rnb #rockenelespanol #pop #indie #etc





water is wet

the sun is hot

leaves are green

Republicans are white

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When people take your side in the argument


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Noo!!! They should had never left!! 😩🔫 lol okay quit a few I wouldn’t mind coming back so let’s hope I’m happy with the results😍💕🐢

Baby Jay<3

You ass just notice you didn’t only put me as you mcm on fb but your cover page as well so I dedicate this post to you as my #scs #sidechicksaturday

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